Our Core Features

Quick Deployment

Server deployment has never been so simple. You can spin up a server and get root access to it in matter of minutes. Use the simple ordering interface to select your Cores, RAM, and Primary Disk size. Then choose your preferred billing method and customize your server. That's it!

Lightning fast SSDs

To ensure peak storage and retrieval performance, VMKings offers blazing fast and highly reliable Solid State Disks for every server you purchase. We use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for optimal storage performance, which means you and your customers enjoy fast delivery of high quality content.

Super Fast Network

With unlimited inbound public bandwidth, and with multi-regional datacenter support, we have one of the fastest networks on offer. Each hypervisor has a fault tolerant and redundant 40Gbps network to ensure uptime and throughput, backed by premium bandwidth providers, and advanced routing technology, so you and your customers can experience quick and reliable online services.

Root Access to Servers

As soon as you provision our servers, you get unlimited Root access to enable you to set up your desired server environment. We don’t come in your way in any manner so you can take off with your plans instantly.

99.9% SLA: Performance Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver fast support and IT services to you whenever you need them. Our 99.9% SLA guarantee enables you to attend to your business without worrying about technical faults and glitches.

Scalable and Flexible Resources

Vertically scalable hardware resources allows you to expand and flex the muscles of your hardware when you feel the need for more power. You can resize your server any time using Control Panel.

Free choice of Operating System

Select from an array of Linux OS Distros to suit your requirements, at the time of purchase. You can also modify your selection even after ordering or provisioning. Choose from the most stable versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and more.

KVM Hypervisors

With enterprise performance, higher scalability, advance security, high quality of service, and an open ecosystem, our KVM based virtual private servers represent a truly open solution that delivers real value in terms of functionality and reliability.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

With data centers in Los Angeles and Chicago, you can provision cloud resources where (and when) you need them. You can select the desired datacenter location at the time of ordering.

Robust Control Panel

A powerful and fluid Control Panel allow users to perform a range of operations on their servers including power on and power off, reboot, modify password, modify hostname, and view server configuration or request cancellations.

24x7 Support

You and your customers enjoy round the clock customer support all year round. You can either use our customer support ticketing system or post your queries using our Support email. Regardless of the method you use to contact us for support, we guarantee:

  • Quick and convenient request forwarding
  • Personalized response to your queries
  • Exceptionally fast resolution
  • Complete post resolution assessment report delivered to you